Samuel Peach

Corpus Distortions - Series 1

We are mass.
Shaped under gravity.
Bound with skin.
Refined over time.
Understood through the prism of society.
Experienced by us.

Central to the first series and an influence throughout the work is John Berger’s writing on nude imagery. In his book Ways of Seeing he asserts that the conventions that apply to this genre - for example women being shown as passive and supine - are a result of a patriarchal society and recur throughout art, the media and pornography. This provides a narrow view of the human form, predominantly the female body, and shapes the way we view ourselves and others. In response to this a pluralistic approach to gender presentation was developed from the start and is pursued throughout the project with equal weighting given to men and women.

The project tests our shared beliefs and our acceptance of specific pictorial codes and alongside experimentation with placement and negative space the aggragated images examine photography as a medium.
Archival pigment prints on Hahnemuhle Photorag 308gsm Edition of 5 plus 1 AP
Feldhaus Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany: February - April 2018 Feldhaus Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany: December 2016
Shortlisted : Life Framer - The Human Body

Sam Peach ©2012-18